Today’s youth must work hard and in honesty to expand their business: Masala King Dhananjay Datar

“Whatever business you choose, put your heart and soul into it. Never live with an inferiority complex, and learn to compete with yourself. What is important is that you are the owner of a business, and it is in your hard work does its progress depend. Any business, if done with hard work and honesty is sure to expand exponentially. Keeping this in mind, the youth should aim at growing their business empires”, encouraged Masala King Dr Dhananjay Datar, CMD, Al Adil Group, here yesterday.

Datar was in Pune to address the Akhil Datar Kul Sammelan 2018, an event that brings together persons bearing the surname ‘Datar’ and also people who were originally Datars, but after a period of time adopted sub names like Agharkar, Agarkar, Phadnis, Vartak, Sabnis, Daftardar and Chaukar. 

Noted anchor and co-ordinator of the event Meenal Datar interviewing Dhananjay Datar on his inspiring success story

Dr Datar inaugurated the melange, held at Pratidnya Hall, Karvenagar, amidst great enthusiasm followed by his interview by noted anchor Meenal Datar. He guided youth entrepreneurs and shared tips that will help them succeed in their businesses. He also shared glimpses from his journey.

Through his interview, he laid emphasis on how every person gets a chance to prove himself and why entry into business is independent of pre-requisites like religion, cast, legacy, high education, reservation or favouritism.

 In his opinion and experience, business only demands hard work, courage and creativity from aspiring entrants. To cater to the needs of consumers is the only success mantra for any business. “Today, we see a number of Indians going abroad for education, jobs and tourism, but very few go there with the intention to set up a business. The opportunities abroad are myriad and profitable, but to grab them, it is equally important to bond with local communities and follow local laws strictly. Foreign countries respect work culture and hence, do not discriminate businesses on grounds of size or status. We should go abroad and set up business with the sole aim to earn profit. If anyone criticises you, turn a deaf ear to him, as ultimately, you are the bread earner for your family”, he advised.  

Emphasizing on the need to change along with time, he said, “I have been leading my business in Dubai for the last 35 years, of which for 25 years, I remained simple and unnoticed. However, since thelast decade, I changed myself and my business style following tutelage of holy book Bhagavada Geeta which says ‘change is the only rule of the universe’. I desired that my business be seen everywhere. I adopted advanced technology, converted my grocery shops into modern, spacious super stores and took good advantage of media publicity. After all, brand visibility is important in today’s competitive world. Those who remain conservative automatically fall back in the race. Hence, every entrepreneur should always strive to keep his brand vibrant and dynamic.”

Dr Datar unfolded challenging yet memorable moments from his life. He said, “We encountered a huge loss in the very first year of our business. To cover up, we had to sell all of my mother’s jewellery including her Mangalsutra. It left such an impact on my mind that I took an oath not to return to India until I had made a good profit from the business. I worked hard and achieved my objective. When I returned the jewellery and Mangalsutra to my mother, she affectionately blessed me. That was my biggest reward. Another incident is from my childhood. When I was asked to vacate my seat from a dining hall which was actually an insult of my economic status, I realised that in today’s world, respect is given not to a person, but to the wealth he possesses”.

During the event some of the Datars who were felicitated along with Dr. Datar, included Mukund Kulkarni (Sugar Technologist), Pramila Datar (Singer), Vidyadhar Datar (Retd. Judge), Asha Gachke (Advocate, High-court), Dr. Arun Datar and Dr. Arati Datar (Scientist), Dr. Mukund Datar(Environmentalist), Dr. Vivek Datar (Doctor), Vilas Datar (Cultural field), Vaibhav Datar (Poet) and Srujan Datar (Singer). Mukund Kulkarni, President of the Kul Sammelan in his address informed attendees that a number of initiatives will be launched in coming months such as updating the DatarKul Vruttant (Database of Datars), holding the Kul Sammelan annually at different places, setting up a matrimonial service for the Datar community and registering the Kul Mandal as a charitable trust.

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