Never lose your customer and you will never lose business : Dr. Dhananjay Datar


Pune, The Business Den

“In the current scenario of fierce competition, it has become extremely important to understand the customer’s expectations and needs. Customers, if not provided with the right information and hospitality, shift elsewhere and are likely to prevent other prospective customers to turn to you. Therefore whoever aspires to succeed in business must attract new customers constantly and retain the existing customers carefully”, advised Masala King Dr. Dhananjay Datar, CMD, Al Adil Group, UAE. He was addressing a packed audience of  entrepreneurs and business minded youth in an open interview at Tilak Smarak Mandir, on 13th April. After his talk, Dr. Datar inaugurated the Khasa 2018, a 3 day exhibition-cum-sale organised at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch, Pune, by Marathi Yuwa Udyojak Udyogini Sewabhavi Sanstha, Maharashtra.

Noted anchor Uttara Mone conducted the interview. While answering her questions Dr. Datar said, “There are 2 types of markets. First is the seller’s market and second is the buyer’s market. Seller’s market is always driven by the seller’s own rules, styles and likes & dislikes. On the other hand, the buyer’s market is driven by the customer’s needs and expectations. In such a market the customer is always regarded as the king. Developed countries have a buyer’s market and rest of the world is also moving in that direction. Every professional achieves success and publicity with the help of his customers only. I have also experienced the same hence I managed my business with a strategy of patience and politeness. The expansion of our Al Adil Group from a single shop to 39 Super Stores across the Gulf countries is a testimony of our satisfied customers.”


While giving invaluable tips to the entrepreneurs, he said, “A newly established business requires 3 years to settle, just like an infant. The owner has to feed his business financially and also keep an eye on its development. The scenario today  is full of fierce competition, so we have to possess a competitive mindset. Your wealth depends on how much profit you earn rather than how much is your turnover. Hence every business should be profit-oriented. Business is not a monopoly of selected people or communities. God has given intelligence to everyone. Everyone can succeed in business with intelligence, hard work and honesty.”

He further said that for any business, appearance is extremely important. It reflects in the entrepreneur’s personality, interior design of the workplace, product exhibition, packaging and publicity as well. Hence the entrepreneur should concentrate on branding not only his products, but also presentation of his business and own personality as well. Make changes and upgrades in your thoughts, style and products from time to time. Problems arise in every business and only 5 percent of them get solved automatically. But the remaining 95 percent have to be handled by the owner himself. Don’t get intimidated by the problems. Face them and overcome them. The most important advice is not to run after money alone. There are many aspects of happiness such as health, friendship, family, relations, compassion, charity etc. Enjoy your hard earned money along with your family members.” Dr. Datar also revealed a number of challenging incidences in his life. He answered the questions of budding entrepreneurs wisely. 

Dr. Datar and his wife, Mrs. Vandana Datar were felicitated by Sunil Datar and Ashish Sankpal (office bearers from Marathi Yuva Udoyojak and Udyogini Sewabhavi Sanstha). The program also included interviews of Chandrakant Salunkhe, founder and president of Marathi Chamber of Business and Industries, and Dr. Sunil Kale on a successful life. Five budding entrepreneurs named Dr. Anjali Chaugule (Modelling), Manali Palande (Palande Tech Solutions), Milind Apte (Artist), Nitin Dhepe (Tourism) and Navnath Yevale (Yevale Amrutatulaya) were honoured with ‘Yashaswi Marathi Udyojakata Puraskar’. Yogita Badwe proposed a vote of thanks and the ceremony ended on a spirited note.

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