‘Conversations Generate Results’ : Bob Dunham


27 March, The Business Den.

“All results come from prior conversations. All of them: the good ones, the bad ones, and the so-so ones. They come from the conversations we have and the conversations we don’t have; from the conversations we do well, and the conversations we do poorly. Our conversations don’t just describe, they generate.” This was the key message of the book reading session by Bob Dunham, Founder, Institute for Generative Leadership, USA on the Amazon #1 bestselling book “Become: The 5 Critical Conversational Practices that Shift ‘Who You Be’ as a Leader” authored by Sameer Dua.

Bob Dunham and Sameer Dua were in conversation at Crossword Aundh and discussed the key chapters of “Become” using the acronym ‘C-O-A-C-H” and made the claim that leaders need to coach their teams. It’s their teams after all. If not them, who will? “Become” lists out these 5 Critical Conversational Domains and Practices.

Sameer Dua, the author of the book, added, “’Become’ is an invitation to choose a powerful posture in your leadership and life. You don’t become by knowing more. You ‘become’ by shifting your practices, and with respect to leadership, by shifting and creating new conversational practices. Which is why this book is not about understanding new concepts, but about learning new conversational practices to shift ‘who you be’, moment-to-moment.”

The audience was highly engaged and asked some pertinent and relevant questions, particularly about leadership challenges being faced by large Indian corporations. The responses provided by Dua and Dunham were powerful, and displayed the grave need for management teams to recognize that leadership is a practice, and not some concepts to learn.

The 336 pages book, published by Harper Business, an imprint of Harper Collins, is priced at Rs.395 and is available on www.amazon.in amongst other digital and physical retailers.

Sameer has begun working on his third book in the area of generative leadership, and his third book will be released by the end of 2018.

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